the brief

Victor Maguire is a wine educator who has a passion for teaching and inspiring others.

He has many years of experience in the hospitality business and he needed a website that reflected his expertise and love of wine. 

As Victor offer a range of services he needed a simple website and branding that truly represented his personality.

We wanted to create a personal branding for Victor that is classic and timeless but also one that evoked a feeling of quality and expertise.

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web design

web development

bespoke illustration

A bespoke, hand illustrated branding sets this, very simple, one page website apart from the rest. 

Drawn using old fashioned pen and paper it was then finished digitally and a range of colour options where created for use online and offline.  

Victor’s branding has a refined and elegant look that reflects the hospitality sector he works within.

“I love it!
Thank you so much! It’s brilliant! I love the modern feel and atmosphere of the whole thing”
Victor Maguire