the brief

Phocus is a sparkling, caffeinated water which launched in the US this summer. Phocus contains only natural ingredients comes in a range of delicious flavours.

The team already had fantastic branding and packaging in place but needed a modern, clean website that really focused (!) on their key message that there is nothing bad in Phocus.

As well as creating a modern, interactive brand site for the Phocus team to showcase their range of delicious flavours we also created a number of impactful visual elements including renders of the product, the ‘Halo’ concept and ‘Splash’ can art for marketing and social media uses.

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Portfolio: Phocus

web design

Portfolio: Phocus

web development

Portfolio: Phocus

marketing materials

Portfolio: Phocus
'nothing bad so you can phocus on the good'

To visually communicate the energising, but pure nature of Phocus water we need to create a range of tools that would complement the existing packaging assets.

First of all we created an impactful water splash artwork where the water also forms the shape of tea leaves denoting where the natural caffeine is derived.  We also wanted to create a lighthearted and engaging graphic to emphasise that Phocus contains only good, so we created the ‘Halo’ cans used for both the site flavour pages and also for social media banners.

Portfolio: Phocus
heroes of hydration

The Phocus website is both a sales tool for the team as they establish their dynamic new brand but also a place for those interested in this unique new beverage to find out more.

Consumers are rightly vigilant when it comes to nutritional claims so it was key for the website to emphasise just how natural this product really is.  Each flavour has an individual page displaying the nutrition data.

We knew it was important for us to ensure that every page on the site looked bold and beautiful but also gave a sense of space and purity.