The Great Holiday Collection

the brief

The Great Holiday Collection are experts in travel to South East Asia.
They focus on amazing tours that show travellers and adventurers the absolute best these countries have to offer.

When they came to us GHC had a range of separate sites for each country as well as a more general site, they were also unable to update and manage the site day to day. The brand identity was also looking rather dated and was in need of a lovely redesign.

GHC were looking for a agency who want to work closely with their clients and really understand what they need and their audience will respond to, so they came to us…


web design



Giving visitors what they need...

Pages on The Great Holiday Collection are packed with content and various functionalities so mobile versions required bespoke, custom layouts rather than simple responsiveness.

Every time we design a website we put great thought into the needs of the visitors and how they will want to use a website.

For The Great Holiday Collection it was key that the site was suitable for visitors who are looking for an amazing holiday adventure on an iPad in front of the TV or on their mobile on a work commute.

“The advantage of working with Faye and Matt at OH Creative is that you not only enjoy their collaborative, professional and imaginative approach to website development, you also get to speak to real people who want to understand your business.  This is how the IT world should work, but rarely does.”

David Pye, The Great Holiday Collection