How Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

How Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

OH Creative’s Brief Guide to Social Media

Social Media, oh where to start!
If you aren’t already an avid user of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on then you may be wondering if it is worth the time for you or your team members to get on board with an activity that can seem a bit frivolous to the uninitiated.

We think that social media, if chosen wisely and planned well, can have a huge return on investment as well as a range of benefits for your brand.  It’s free to use, simple to learn the basics, open to anyone from the team to update and you can post from anywhere if you have a mobile device.

There are, of course, plenty of pitfalls as well. Follow our simple guide and we can help you get started or at least give you some useful information to consider for your future plans.

Which social media platform would work best for my business?

An important question because signing up for every single social media account would be time consuming, confusing and it is unlikely that they are all a good fit for your business.

Are you a B2B focused or do you need to get out there and connect directly with the public? Maybe it is a bit of both.
Have a think about your products or services and how they are best presented on social – bear in mind that you have to play by the rules of the platform (Twitter limits you to a certain amount of text characters (these days it is 280 characters and 4 images), Instagram is perfect if you have amazing product images or opportunities to snap amazing shots.

Couple of stats…
According to Twitter it has 328 million monthly (active) users that’s enough to make it the 9th biggest social media network in the world.
Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users making it the ruler of all social networks

Keep a consistent communication style

Developing a ‘brand voice’ is a really fantastic way of building a personality around your business and engaging with other users on a more human level. Is it relaxed, humorous, youthful? How do you describe your products or services? Make sure you keep a consistent terminology by getting some guidelines together.

Stay out of trouble…
We’ve all seen the social media success stories and we have all seen the scandals and meltdowns. How do you ensure you get seen for the right reasons?
Firstly, unless you have really good reasons to be giving personal opinions about politics or controversial world events. Don’t.
Understandably some people use social media, like Instagram for example, in a very informal and personal style where their personality and lifestyle is part of the product. For a more traditional or corporate business this isn’t a suitable
Keep your business and your private thoughts separate and don’t be tempted into debates with troublesome types.
If you have team members taking care of this side of things then make sure guidelines for representing the business online are very clear.

Think of social media as a funnel
Whats your end aim? Sales via ecommerce, footfall to a physical location or enquiries? Ensure that your activity is based around specific aims and objectives but don’t forget to make it interesting otherwise there is no motivation for people to follow you.

Measure and analyse your results
It is really simple to monitor how effective your social media activity is. There are lots of tools but Google Analytics will tell you exactly where you traffic has come from. Set up some targets and measure how your activity performs.

Get basics in place
Take a bit of time to put in place a polished and professional profile page. Each platform has its own ways to personalise and your design agency can help produce great looking icons and banners in the right dimensions.

While we believe that social media updates coming from an enthusiastic in house team is the ideal situation it can be really helpful to get an experienced agency to help you get up and running in the right networks, with the right direction and a kick ass toolkit at your disposal. Give us a shout to chat more.